Caty Shannon
The Work of Healing
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Life is a journey
of scatterings and gatherings.
This work of being conscious is complicated
A stop and go dance — and we do grow!
On Earth, we call this rhythm Love
and the effort it takes to keep it fluid
we call Healing.

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About Caty

Caty Shannon is a holistic therapist in private practice in New York. Her areas of focus are psychospiritual consulting, self-relations therapy and hypnosis.

Caty’s work with clients is very much a collaborative process of discovery. Together, they explore the areas where clients would like to create changes in their lives. Then, she supports clients in finding the inner resources to do so.

As a certified clinical hypnotist, she also works with clients on specific issues such as insomnia, fear of flying, smoking cessation, weight management, pain relief and creative blocks in the arts.

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Caty’s skills as a clinician are only surpassed by her care and compassion for her clients. Her techniques not only helped me to deal with my debilitating test anxiety but also helped me get to the root of what caused it. Her hard work and skill as a practitioner has helped me take the next step both in my personal and professional life.

– LT,
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

NYC | 2012

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