Caty Shannon
The Work of Healing
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Working Together To Create Change

Since 1985, I have immersed myself in the study of many healing practices, including Jungian psychology, self-relations psychotherapy, Ericksonian hypnosis and the practice of Mindfulness. My work emerges from the perspective that anxiety and depression are signals from within, letting us know that aspects of our life may be out of balance. Though difficult, these symptoms are a call for renewal, prompting us to engage in a quest for healing and more life. Depending on my client’s needs, I may weave together various modalities of healing.

My interest for the creative unconscious, coupled with a deep commitment to help others, led me to study clinical hypnosis, dream analysis and creative imagery. These approaches have become the backbone of my therapeutic work as I aspire to honor each client’s uniqueness. The unconscious mind is exquisitely particular to who we are as individuals. It is the source of our imagination and how we dream up our lives. It is informed by our histories as well as our aspirations.

Over the years, I have come to the understanding that healing work, to be effective and lasting, must be approached from the holistic perspective that our minds, bodies and spiritual selves are inextricably interconnected. They are each complementary expressions of the same whole.  It is through the lenses of psychology, somatic awareness and spirituality that I support my clients in their quest toward self-understanding, and encourage them to actively seek the responsibility of their personal healing. This participation in the inner growth of another person is both a gift and a blessing that I treasure.

Caty received her psychotherapeutic training from the Helix Training Program, a non-denominational seminary with a holistic approach to psycho-spiritual counseling. She is a Certified Clinical Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), and a Certified Integrative Life Coach through the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT). Caty has trained extensively in trauma resolution and is a fully accredited  Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. Caty is a staff member at the Faran Center for Guided Imagery.