Caty Shannon
The Work of Healing
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A Process of Discovery

Psychospiritual Consulting
Caty’s understanding of the therapeutic relationship is one of sponsorship, collaboration and respect for each person’s individual journey. Her purpose is to encourage the spiritual and psychological inner work her clients must do to attain well-being, and to offer resources as they may be needed. Read more >

Self Relations Therapy
Within the natural trance of conversational hypnosis, clients are invited to view their symptoms as the expression of an inner voice aspiring to be heard when change is needed. Emphasis is given to understanding the underlying message of a problem state so that new understandings have a chance to emerge and develop into concrete life changes. Read more >

Hypnosis is both creative, fun, and always rich with insights. Contrary to popular belief, the client is always in charge while in a hypnotic state. Caty and her clients engage in a collaborative process that calls on the innumerable resources of one’s conscious and unconscious mind to effect personal change. Read more >