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The Work of Healing
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Faran Center for Guided Imagery

The Faran Center for Guided Imagery has a staff of professionals who have developed practices of mental imagery under the direction of Dr. Francis X Clifton. The work enables individuals to overcome illness through the use of imagery exercises in conjunction with traditional medicine. The practices focus on the emotional, psychological, and belief aspects of health while helping individuals to explore their deepest selves.

East Village Holistic Therapies – EVHT 

East Village Holistic is a cooperative of practitioners dedicated to the psychological and spiritual growth of their clients. EVHT offers counseling to individuals, couples and groups aimed at personal transformation. Through the inclusion of many different disciplines, ranging from Eastern-based mindfulness teaching to Western clinical practices, EVHT’s professionals are able to assist clients on their path to wholeness, at affordable rates. Visit their site for referrals and upcoming workshops.

Mindfulness Based CognitiveTherapy – MBCT, with Mary Myers

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an eight-week program designed specifically to teach people how to avoid depression relapse and to develop new and effective ways of addressing anxiety. If you have experienced ongoing depression or sadness, low mood or anxiety that comes back over and over, or even repeated episodes of major depression, this short-term program may be able to help you. Combining Mindfulness practices and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, MBCT has been clinically-tested in replicated studies and has been shown to be effective in helping to prevent the return of depression.