Caty Shannon
The Work of Healing
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“If you’re reading this, make an appointment and pat yourself on the back because you have found a gem. Caty Shannon is a therapist whose astounding strength in spirit could only be matched by her own equally strong pull to the earth, where she is grounded in Freudian and Jungian psychology, dream analysis, hypnosis, and a whole host of other skills that she pulls from her sleeves based on whatever your needs may be. She is wise and perceptive, equally capable of being an open heart or a call for action, and a real professional; meaning someone who is both a real human, and a skilled practitioner. In retrospect, in the three years we’ve worked together I have grown and accomplished more than I had in a decade of working with other therapists, so when I say I feel lucky to have found her, I mean it.

If it’s true that only the client, person, patient, can heal themselves, it never happens without finding an extended hand, and while I have been lucky to have had many hands, Caty is by far the strongest one.”

Nat, writer and film director, NYC | 2012

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Caty on two separate occasions and found her to be warm, capable, personable and generous.  She explains the hypnosis procedure in straight-forward terms and shows you exactly how it will work.  I found the process to be freeing, illuminating and energizing.  I would recommend Caty Shannon to anyone who is looking for support in working with issues related to addiction, emotional trauma, depression, and any other life difficulty.”

Margarita, Yoga Teacher, NYC | 2012

“My time working with Caty has truly been one of the highlights of my adult life. Caty is an intuitive, gifted healer who provides a sacred space for her clients to share, process, heal and grow. I worked with Caty during a pivotal time in my life (mid 20’s-30). In retrospect I am amazed at the spectrum of issues she helped me with: narcissistic parents, financial issues, anxiety, my growth as an artist, dealing with loved ones addictions, and ultimately, my marriage, for which she officiated. Looking back, I can honestly say Caty was my guide through the most intense period of my life: growing up. Not only were our sessions a place for me to “talk it out” but she used her vast knowledge of hypnosis and guided visualization to help me through the trouble spots, tools I have incorporated into my daily life and depend on. It is because of the safe space Caty created for me during her sessions that I made changes in my life to insure that same sense of safety in my home, relationships, and work. I will be forever grateful to her for making this the number one priority in my life. One must take care of oneself in order to best love others and thrive.”

WA, author, artist, singer and songwriter, NYC | 2012

“Caty’s skills as a clinician are only surpassed by her care and compassion for her clients. Her techniques not only helped me to deal with my debilitating test anxiety but also helped me get to the root of what caused it. Her hard work and skill as a practitioner has helped me take the next step both in my personal and  professional life.”

LT, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, NYC | 2012

“With Caty, there’s no cliché: ‘well how does that make you feel?’ therapist façade. Quite to the contrary: she connects with you on a feeling-level. Because I know I am heard and recognized, sessions take on the quality of a healing conversation. She’s a smart cookie, who provides lovely support in a well-contained atmosphere. At my worst and at my best, I have consistently been received with an open heart.”

PN, Yoga Teacher, Language Teacher, NYC | 2012